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タイトル: The current state and problems regarding teacher training in Japan as seen from the point of view of fostering practical teaching performance
著者: MORI, Hirofumi
NAKAI, Takashi
KIHARA, Seiichiro
キーワード: Student teaching
Pre-service teacher training
Practical teaching performance
Questionnaire research
発行日: 8-Feb-2008
出版者: 京都女子大学発達教育学部
抄録: This study aimed to clarify the teacher education status and problems of Japan seen from the point of view of fostering practical teaching abilities based on the results of questionnaires and interviews targeting teachers of faculty members of training organizations that offer elementary school and Lower Secondary PE teacher education courses. The results of our questionnaire indicate that the following five points can be presented as future tasks for fostering practical teaching performance through practical training in Japan. The first challenge is extending the period of student teaching. The second challenge is establishing cooperation between student teaching schools and universities. The third challenge is to solidify an assessment system for student teaching. The fourth challenge is to nurture the instruction abilities of student teaching school teachers. The last challenge is to hire university teachers who are capable of giving student teachers appropriate instructions and advice.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/893


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