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Title: 若年女性のロコモ度テスト判定と判定結果における身長とBMIの影響について
Other Titles: Risk Assessment Results for Locomotive Syndrome in Young Women and The Influence of Height and BMI
Authors: 中村, 亜紀
Nakamura, Aki
Issue Date: 19-Feb-2024
Publisher: 京都女子大学発達教育学部教育学科養護・福祉教育学専攻
Abstract: [Purpose] In this study, we examined the usefulness of the locomotive syndrome risk test in young women, and examined the presence or absence of factors that affect the determination of the degree of locomotive syndrome. [Methods] The subjects were 94 healthy female university students. We gave them the ‘Stand up Test’ and the ‘Two-Step Test’. We divided the subjects into standard height and tall height, and compared the judgment, and divided them into standard BMI and low BMI, and compared the judgment. We also examined the relationship between the length below the knee and locomotive syndrome. [Results] Twenty-six percent of the subjects were identified as locomotive syndrome. The tall group had a high percentage of locomotive syndrome judgments by the stand-up test, and the length below the knees was significantly longer in the locomotive syndrome judgment group. In young women, we could not confirm the influence of low BMI, activities such as walking, and exercise habits on the judgment of locomotive syndrome. [Discussion] It was suggested that the subject's height might affect the judgment of the locomotive syndrome test. It was thought that the long length below the knee made the result of the stand-up test unsatisfactory and contributed to the determination of locomotive syndrome. [Conclusion] It is necessary to take into consideration the possibility that the physique affects the movement function when assessing locomotive function.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/3820
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