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Title: 電子ジャーナリズムの可能性に関する考察 : 単純化から複雑化への技法転換について
Other Titles: Possibility of Online-Journalism : Simplification to Complication, On the Changing Processes of the Editorial Technique
Authors: 柴山, 哲也
Keywords: 電子新聞
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2001
Publisher: 京都女子大学現代社会学部
Abstract:  IT革命の進行によって、大衆社会におけるメディアは大きな変革期を迎えている。これにより、既製の新聞やテレビが担ってきたジャーナリズムの機能と役割はどのように変化するか。この稿では、新しく登場しつつある電子新聞に着目し、そのジャーナリズムとしての可能性を追求した。特に、事象(ファクト)を伝える既製の新聞、テレビの方法がもつ物理的な限界と電子新聞の新しい方法論を比較分析した。電子新聞は、記事作成の技法を従来の単純化から複雑化へと180度転換させることにより、電子ジャーナリズムの新しい方法論と可能性を広げることを論述した。
On account of the world wide development of the Information Technology, Our contemporary society, as a mass society, is faced with a large exchange of the media system. Because of this, the work and role of the Journalism bored by established Newspapers and Television broad castings are changing. On this paper, I tried to investigate the possibility of new Journalism appropriate to the new century, focused on Online-Journalism now rising through the Internet. News informs various facts of our society to a reader or audience, but because of the physical limit of the space and time, the technique for writing articles adopts a simplification of the fact. However, Online-Journal has no limit of space. You could able to write articles as you like, and reader could choice online articles according to their tastes and necessities. I have argued, on this paper, concerning about editorial technique, and it should change quite contrarily, that is, Simplification to Complication. Throuhgh these change of editorial technigue, we might be able to understand the exact fact of our contemporary society than ever.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/297
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