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タイトル: 19世紀アメリカの女性のリフォームドレスについて : 女性と「パンツ」
その他のタイトル: American Women’s Reform Dress Movement in the Nineteenth Century : Women and Pants
著者: 谷, 紀子
Tani, Noriko
キーワード: リフォームドレス
発行日: 4-Feb-2019
出版者: 京都女子大学生活造形学科
抄録: The mainstream of the western women’s style of clothing during the nineteenth century was long dresses corseted thinly at the waist, with many layered spread skirts. In the mid-nineteenth century, the women’s reform dress movement occurred in the United States, where Bloomers style (Bloomers) became popular in 1851. In Bloomers style, women wore loose’ pants’ under a short skirt dress. This style became a boomed at that time and became a major epidemic, even affecting European women’s. fashion. However, it did not take root as a fashion style. Why was such a fashion style’ different from the other styles of that era born? The author noticed that before the’ Bloomer Costume’ in 1851, women were wearing ‘pant’ on various examples of wearing ‘pants’ in the early 19 th century in the United States, the author examines how the Bloomer style was born.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/2873


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