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タイトル: 介護老人福祉施設における介護職員の喀痰吸引実施に対する不安の現状と課題
その他のタイトル: Current Status and Issues of anxiety about implementation of sputum suction of care workers in the elderly welfare facilities
著者: 雲丹亀, 彩香
冨田川, 智志
太田, 貞司
Unigame, Ayaka
Tomitagawa, Satoshi
Ota, Teiji
キーワード: sputum suction
the elderly welfare facilities
care workers
発行日: 20-Feb-2019
出版者: 京都女子大学家政学部生活福祉学科
抄録: Currently, care workers in elderly welfare facilities have anxiety of performing sputum suction. In this study, we performed a questionnaire survey to care workers in order to grasp the kind of anxiety of implementing sputum suction. As a result, it has turned out a tendency that their anxiety is decreased in accordance with the frequency of performing sputum suction. On the other hand, we discovered a tendency that their anxiety of operating the equipment is increased in accordance with the number of years since the end of “sputum suction etc. training”, and that their anxiety of the number of care works is increased in accordance with the number of people needed sputum suction. From the above, in order to alleviate anxiety of sputum suction of care workers, it is considered that the following is necessary under the responsibility of the facility manager: Improvement of the manual of sputum suction based on the current state of the facility and regular training system by medical profession. Reconsideration the laws and institutions concerning arrangement of care workers and medical professionals commensurate with the number of people needed sputum suction regardless of day and night.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/2817


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