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タイトル: 都市史としての墓地 : 大阪市公営墓地の変遷と無縁化社会の進行
その他のタイトル: A history of the city of Osaka seen from the Transformations of its cemeteries in a disconnected society
著者: 槇村, 久子
キーワード: 墓地
urban history
the city of Osaka
disconnected society
発行日: 2012年3月31日
出版者: 京都女子大学
抄録: 近代化、都市化の過程で墓・墓地は個人化、無縁化、流動化が起き、それを超えるものとして共同化、無形化、有期限化を既に導いた。現在少子・高齢・人口減少社会という大きな社会変動に大都市の葬送空間はどの様に対応していくのか。大阪市の公設墓地を取り上げ、都市の発展との連動と変化を明治初期から現代までを検証した。南浜、南、瓜破、服部の各霊園と泉南メモリアルパークの墓地調査と南霊園の墓碑調査から、無縁化社会の進行する中で、〈個〉としてのライフヒストリーだけでなく、都市に生きる人々〈群〉や墓地という都市施設〈群〉は都市の形成や変化を記憶、記録する都市史として重要な意味をもつ。
The graves and cemeteries of a big city have been undergoing significant transformations such as individualization, alienation and fluidity as a result of its modernization and urbanization. We also notice the recent appearance of shared or intangible and even timelimited graves. This paper intends to analyze how a big city such as Osaka has been trying to maintain a space for cemetery in a society where a number of great social changes have occurred. Some changes had begun in the Meiji period (1868 —1912) and the most important one in recent years has been the phenomenon called the aging and declining population. Therefore, our analysis tried to trace relations between the transformation of the public cemeteries and the social development of the city from the Meiji period to the present time, taking the examples of the cemeteries at Minamihama, Minami, Uriwari, Hattori and the Sennan Memorial Park. As a result, I found that the cemeteries and the epitaphs can serve as a means to know not only the life history of one person as an "individual" but also that of the "group" of people who lived in the city in an increasingly disconnected society. This means that the study of the cemeteries and the graves is a part of urban history which registers and memorizes the development and changes of the city.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/272


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