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タイトル: 大学生のコミュニティ意識と児童虐待通告との関連
その他のタイトル: Effects of community consciousness on child abuse notice among the students
著者: 鈴木, 依子
Suzuki, Yoriko
キーワード: child abuse notice
community consciousness
発行日: 23-Feb-2018
出版者: 京都女子大学家政学部生活福祉学科
抄録: Objective The current study was performed to examine between different factors of community consciousness on child abuse notice among the students. This issue was investigated in men and women separately. Methods Data for 211 students were obtained on self-written questionnaire survey. Community consciousness were assessed by asking respondents their degree of participation in each type of interaction. The focus was on four factors: solidarity, self-determination, attachment, dependency. In order to examine relationships between different aspects of community consciousness and child abuse notice, the author used multiple regression analyses with the four types of community consciousness level as independent variables. All community consciousness were categorized as lower, middle and higher levels. Each of the four factors of community consciousness was entered as an independent variable. The analyses were conducted separately for men and women, controlling for household composition, sister composition, obligation of child abuse notice. Results The results of the multiple regressions were as follows :among women, only self-determination were positively associated with child abuse notice. Whereas among men, only self-determination were passively associated with child abuse notice. Conclusion Effects of community consciousness on child abuse notice among the students was only selfdetermination.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/2583


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