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Title: 行政の役割と協働のパートナーとしてのコミュニティ
Other Titles: Role of Administrative Organization, and Community as its Partner for Co-production.
Authors: 橋本, 行史
Keywords: 行政領域の縮小
Reduction of administrative service
Co-production between administration and community
Independent and self-organized community
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2009
Publisher: 京都女子大学
Abstract: 戦後の福祉国家思想の下で肥大化した行政を見直すために、NPMと呼ばれる行政の効率化が進められてきたが、ここにきて行き過ぎたグローバル化による社会不安の増大によって行政への期待が再度高まっている。しかし、巨額の財政赤字の下、行政領域の縮小が避けられないとすれば、行政とコミュニティとの間の協働によって行政領域の縮小分を代替する以外に差し当たり方法がない。財政破綻を起こした夕張では、国の管理の下で厳しい財政再建が進み、行政領域は否応なく縮小している。しかし、そこで見出される地域再生に向けた自立的で自己組織化されたコミュニティ活動こそ、今後のコミュニティ・協働政策のあり方を示唆するものである。
To restructure administrative organization that expands under the welfare state idea in postwar days, the improvement for efficiency of administration that is called NPM has been executed. Recently, the expectation for administrative service arises again because of the change in social environments such as globalization and population decrease, etc. However, the restructure administrative organization is not avoided in immense budget deficits. Therefore, it is necessary to substitute the reduction of administrative service by co-production between administration and community. In Yubari that goes bankrupt, the administrative service is going to be decreased by severe fiscal reconstruction under the management of the country. But, the independent and selforganized community for the regional reproduction which is found there suggests the direction of policy that should be performed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11173/248
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